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What is the replacement for the IF, IFL, FI, FIL breaker?

What is the best cross reference for the IF, IFL, FI or FIL breakers?

Product Line:
IF, IFL, FI, FIL current limiting breakers

This includes all of the obsoleted IF, IFL, FI and FIL breakers.

Need to know what replaced the current limiting breakers that are now obsolete.

They have all been replaced by the PowerPact HR frame electronic trip breaker. The "R" interrupt breaker has the following ratings: 200/200/100kA.  It is available in both unit mount (HRL) or I-Line (HRA).
Three frames are available: HR( )36060U(  )X, HR( )36100U(  )X and HR( )36150U(  )X.
Note Unit mount breakers can be 100% rated by adding a "C" before the "U". The I-Line version can only be 80% rated.
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