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Can a Micrologic Series B trip unit be changed or replaced?

Can a Micrologic series B (or older) trip unit on a legacy breaker be replaced, changed, or upgraded in the field?

Product Line:
LX, LXI, LE, MX, ME, NX, NE, PX, PE, and SE circuit breaker frames

Electrical Distribution Systems

Need to add ground fault sensing to existing breaker or replace bad trip unit

The SE trip units can be changed by Field Services (see Supplemental Digest for availability).  
The ground fault function cannot be added to or deleted from an SE breaker.
A replacement trip unit may be installed ONLY in the breaker it is identified for.

The other breakers with Micrologic Series B and earlier trip units CANNOT be replaced.  These include LE, LX, LXI, ME, MX, NE, NX, PE, and PX type breakers.
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