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How can I get trip curves?

Wherer are the TCC time current trip curves?

Product Line:
PowerPact and Masterpact as well as Legacy and Miniature circuit breakers

Covers all breakers

Need to know if a breaker will trip at a certain ampere rating and what the clearing time is.

Each technical catalog for the product have trip curves included. They are also available online at:
You can then refine the search by using the left column with the Produc t Category of Circuit Breakers and then Product Sub-Category (for more choices click on the + at the bottom of this listing. You can refine one more step by using the Product Listing and again the + and the bottom of the listing.
For HOM breakers, use QO trip curves (same trip characteristics).
For QO-AFI, QO-CAFI, QO-EPD, HOM-AFI, and HOM-CAFI breakers, use QO-GFI trip curves (same trip characteristics).
For QOU breakers, use QO trip curves (same trip characteristics).
For EDB-EPD and EDB-EJB breakers, use EDB trip curves (same trip characteristics).
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