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What are the repair parts for an EZML333200, Series M01 branch unit?

What are the replaceable parts of EZML333200, Series M01?

Product Line: 
Metering Equipment

EZ Meter-Pak, Branch unit

Only the parts listed below are considered field replaceable:

Customer Cover (includes labels) - EZML333200C (Obsolete, no replacement)
Cover Screws - 4020513002K 
Meter Socket Cover (cover for one meter position) - EZMCRC
Parts Kit (one position, meter socket line side through tenant breaker base) - EZML3200KIT (Obsolete, no replacement)
Circuit Breaker RB Cover (one position) - BCV
Enclosure connecting hardware and Service Disconnect labels - 7329791750
Mounting Channel - 7329771501
Ground Bar - 7329897052
Ground Bar Mounting Screws - (2) 2153271761
Bracket Mounting Screws - (2) 2142217101
End Closing Cap Kit - EZMCAP
End Closing Cap Kit (Right Side Only Shallow) - EZMSCAP
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