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Is the T1 T2 jumper required on 5.2A/E and 5.3A/E trip units?

This is an LSI trip units, not ground fault, what is the T1 T2 jumper used for?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Powerpact H,J,L trip units

The factory does install the T1 T2 jumper on 5.2A/E and 5.3A/E trip units.  However, if the trip unit is configured for no neutral CT, then the jumper is not required. However, it is recommendation is to install the T1 T2 jumper when a NCT wiring is not installed on these terminals.  This is just good policy.

The trip unit can still be configured to provide neutral protection.  If configured as such and there is no NCT wiring on T1 T2, and no jumper, the breaker will trip.
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