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ION9000 IO Options

What are the standard and optional input/output (digital and analog) available on ION9000.

Product Line

Digital/Analog Input/Output
Standard and optional I/O available on ION9000.

1. Standard meter I/O
• 8 digital status/counter inputs with ±1 millisecond timestamp.
• 4 solid state digital outputs (Form A) for energy pulsing, interfacing with other systems or control.
• 2 Form C relay outputs for control applications.

2. Modular I/O options
• Optional expansion modules.
• Up to 4 modules per meter.

Option modules include
• Digital module:
–– 6 digital status/counter inputs.
–– 2 Form C relay outputs, 250 V AC, 8 A.
• Analog module:
–– 4 analog inputs (4-20 mA; 0-30 V). 
–– 2 analog outputs (4-20 mA; 0-10 V) for interfacing with building management sensors and systems.
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