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Does the 33640 IEC lug kit work on the Powerpact P frame breaker?

 The AL1200P25K and CU1200P25K can be mounted on Compact NS, according to the 48049-135-03 instruction sheet.  There is no information as to whether the 33640 Compact NS lug kit is acceptable on the Powerpact P frame breaker.

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Circuit Breakers

Powerpact P

The 33640 lug kit does fit on the Powerpact P frame  breaker, however since this lug kit is not in the UL file and not tested on the UL test sequences,  the breaker will not be UL listed with this lug attached. 

The 33640 and AL1200P25K are almost identical with the following differences.   The 33640 has a through hole, and requires stud (bolt) and nut for mounting.  The AL1200P25K has a threaded mounting hole and only requires a bolt for mounting, no nut.   The mounting hole locations are the same and all other dimensions the same.
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