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Are the output contacts self powered on the IO application Module (Input/output programmable Module LV434063)?

Customer wants to add a second blue pilot light to the ERMS function on output #3.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Breaker digital systems IO module

Although the O3 contact may be wired to the ERMS Selector Switch which is illuminated, An additional pilot light may be wired in parallel. 
The output contacts are not self powered. 
The output contacts can have parallel loads as long as you don't exceed the amperage and voltage rating of the output contact (bistable relay). 
The rated load is 5A at 250Vac. 
Max Switching Voltage 380 Vac, 125 Vdc
Max Switching Current 5 Amps
Maximum cable length 10 meters (33 feet)
Please see attached document for complete listed ratings.
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