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When using a switch to trigger the Dry Run function on an ATV630 series drive, is it necessary to configure the Low flow / high flow parameters?

Customer is using the Dry Run function of the ATV630 series to stop the motor in case of loss of prime on the pump.  They are using a float switch to trigger this function when the water level drops too low.  They need to know if it is still necessary to configure the low flow/low speed and high flow/high speed paramters that are used to sense dry run when a switch is not used.

Product line:
ATV630 series drives.

All models, All serial numbers.

Available literature is vague in this area.

No, it is not necessary to configure the Dry Run sensing parmaters when the dry run function is being triggered by a switch.  The switch will directly trigger the function, the sensing parameters will not be considered in this mode.
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