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Video: How to test a trip unit using the FFTK

How to test a trip unit using the Full Function Test Kit (S33595)

Product Line:
Micrologic Trip Units

Make sure you are using the 7-pin test cable for the Micrologic trip units. You will push in, then twist to lock into place. When you turn the FFTK, you should see the screen start to boot up, as well as the trip unit screen come on. Select the appropriate language needed, then hit next. Select Test Circuit Breaker Trip. It should auto fill the settings to match the breaker and trip unit you are testing. Hit next.

To automatically test, select Automatically Test Trip Curve. The test kit will auto fill values to use for testing. Make sure all tests show enabled (if short time is showing disabled, it could be because the short time setting is at a higher setting than the instantaneous setting). Confirm that you want to proceed with the test, and it will test all of the functions. You must confirm in between each test. You may see a status of Hardware when testing the instantaneous setting. This can happen when the instantaneous setting is set very high, and the trip unit trips on the Instantaneous Override instead of the typical instantaneous protection.

To manually test, select Manually Test Trip Curve. You will then select which trip setting you want to test, and then select the injection current. Then hit next, and confirm that you want to test the breaker. 

For more information, see the video below:

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