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What is the difference between VLS8C* and VLS8M*?

VLS mechanical adapter

Product Line:
UL 60947-4-1 and UL 98 Disconnect Switches

TeSys™ VLS Accessories

VLS8C* - Mechanical interlock for line changeover (I-0-II). Would work as On-Off-On switch for 2 disconnect side by side.
- VLS8C1 For VLS3P016R1–VLS3P040R1, VLS3P063R1, and VLSH2S5BC
- VLS8C2 For VLS3P063R2–VLS3P125R2 and VLSH2S5BC

VLS8M* - Mechanical coupling system for 6-8 pole disconnect switches. Would make 2 side by side disconnect engage/disengage using one knob.
- VLS8M1 For VLS3P016R1–VLS3P040R1 and VLS3P063R1
- VLS8M2 For VLS3P063R2–VLS3P125R2

Note: VLS8C1 and VLS8M1  uses VLSS shaft extensions. UL60947-4-1 (Old UL508 Motor Disconnect)
-  VLS8C2  and VLS8M2 uses VLSH3S7RD handles and VLSS•••7 extensions for a rear-mounting version. UL98 (Main Panel Disconnect)
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