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How can I reset a fault from the HMI on an Altivar Process drive?

He is testing the ATV630 drive and wants to be able to easily reset the drive without a power cycle.

Product line:
Altivar Process, ATV630



To Reset the Altivar Process drive on the keypad using the Stop/Reset button, the drive has to be in HMI command mode.  The HMI needs to be enabled from the Command and Reference menu first. 
Go to Complete Settings > Command and Reference > HMI Cmd..  Change this from Disabled to Bumpless. 

Now you can use the Local/Remote button to put the drive into HMI command and then the Stop/Reset button to clear the fault. 

Note, only certain faults are able to be reset by input or the HMI.  Check the ATV600 programming manual under each individual fault code to see if a Power Reset (power cycle) is needed to clear the fault. 

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