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Where is the Manufacturer Date Code of the SFLEX drive?

Issue : 
Where can I find the Date Code of SFLEX enclosed drive?

Product Line :
ATV212 S-Flex
ATV21 S-Flex

Environment : 

Cause :
Looking for the manufacturer date code for an enclosed drive.

Resolution : 
The manufacturer date code, which tells when the unit was built, not sold,  can be found by looking at the SFLEX name plate on the inside of the enclosure door. This is on the bottom of the label, just right of the field labeled "plant code". It is a 4-digit code. The first 2-digit tells the year it was made and the next 2-digits tells the week it was made.
See photo attachments:  The first is from the S-Flex manual, the second is a photo from a nameplate in the field.
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