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What caused the grid disconnect error 0015 on GT500 inverter?

Customer reported inverter kept having fault code 0015.
Product Line:
Grid issue, CB1 tripped, K1
These instructions are intended for use by authorized service personnel who have training, knowledge, and experience in:
• Installing electrical equipment and PV power systems (up to 1000 V)
• Applying all applicable installation codes
• Analyzing and reducing the hazards involved in performing electrical work
• Selecting and using personal protective equipment
Perform LOTO to make sure all energy in the inverter is zero.  
  1. Check if the grid is having issue.
  2. If not, check the CB1 masterpact and see if the reset orange button on the upper left corner tripped.
  3. If it tripped then try to reset it by press on to the button.
  4. If CB1 was not trip then call 866-519-1470 option 3 & 3 to open a new case.
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