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CSW: Very large draw on generator while charging and running a large load on L2.

When running a decently large load on L2 Load while charging at the same time, the draw from the generator increases dramatically.  If the same load is put on L1 instead, the draw seems more normal.

Produce Line:
Conext SW

Conext SW installed with a portable generator

The Conext SW and the generator may not be completely compatible.  If possible, avoid large loads on L2 or use the generator in 120Vac mode instead.  If needed, use a generator with a center-tap transformer output.

The Conext SW uses an autotransformer to convert 120Vac to 120/240Vac.  To provide power on L2, the CSW has to pull power from L1.  If it's connected with a generator that also uses an autotransformer, then weird current measurements can and will happen on L2.  The same load on L1 would show the true draw.
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