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What are the Hot Fixes for Unity Pro v11.0 to configure the PRM with M580?

Goals and Symptoms
This resolution clarifies the minimum hot fixes to be installed in Unity Pro v11.0 that guarantee a correct value of the variables from the PRM. 

Facts and Change

Unity Pro v11.0, PRM, TCSEGPA23F14F, BMEP581020, BMEP582020, BMEP583020, BMEP584020, BMEP582040, BMEP583040, BMEP584040, BMEP585040, BMEP586040, BMEH582040, BMEH584040, BMEH586040

Causes and Fixes
The PROFIBUS Remote Master (PRM) is a Profibus gateway that can also be used with M580 and the variables of the slaves are populated by a Device Derived Data Type. So, you need to install the hot fixes below to have a right order of bytes on Device DDT variables of the module and also when you connect the PRM to the BMENOC0301/0311/0321, modify the subnet mask or gateway address in the DHCP server:
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