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Is there a way to get a stem down operation for a VB-7323-0-4-6 Diverting Valve, with a MP-465-0-2-2 actuator ? What is the operation of the Diverting Valve and Mixing Valve?

Getting Port B to be closed while Port A input will divert fluid to AB port  until actuator signaled to allow B Port to open , closing A port 

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The Stem down operation of the AV-391 Actuator can be achieved by following instructions for the procedure on pages 9 and 10, in the attachment Bulletin below .

The Operations of the Valve for Divering, or Mixing is as follows..  
Using Stem Down with a Diverting Valve, piped as a Mixing valve with AB Port as inlet, will not work. This is due to the B Port not closing when Stem is DOWN using a true Diverting Valven to mix.
AB Port would be closed using a VB-7323 Diverting valve as a mixing valve . VB-7313 Mixing Valve should be used for this application  

For Diverting Valve : NOTING with a Diverting Valve, the "B"  bottom Port, is always the Supply.
With the Stem UP "A" Port is CLOSED and Flow is from "B" Port to "AB" Port 
With Stem Down AB Port is CLOSED and flow is between "B" Port to  "A " Port

For Mixing Valve : NOTING with a Mixing Valve, the "AB" side Port, is always the Supply.
With Stem UP AB Port  Flows to "B" Port and "A" Port is CLOSED
With Stem DOWN AB Port Flows to "A" Port and "B" Port is CLOSED 

Truth Table for Diverting and Mixing Valve Ports VS Stem Position: 

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