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How do you install thermal units and reset a 2510M starter? Unit will not start.

The problem of not starting is either with the improper installation of the thermal units or it has not been properly reset.
Customers MUST also be aware that the device CANNOT be turned ON unless ALL three of the thermal units are properly installed AND the unit is RESET.
The following is a step by step pictorial description of how the device operates and includes the proper installation of the thermal units and resetting the device.  Three pole device will require 3 thermal units. (2 pole devices will have only 1 thermal unit, but the procedure is the same).
The Class 2510 Type M manual starter, when removed from the shipping carton, is in the tripped mode.  Pushing the START button will NOT result in the main power contacts closing.
The device is in the tripped mode because there are no thermal units installed.  Without thermal units installed the Type M manual starter cannot be reset and will remain in the tripped mode.
If the STOP button is depressed down into the RESET position (pushing down extremely hard on STOP button) without the thermal units installed, it will stay down until the START button is depressed, then the STOP button will pop back out and the main power contacts will NOT close.
You must install the thermal units with the pawl arm resting on top of the thermal unit ratchet wheel.   You cannot reset if this arm is below the ratchet.
To reset the device, push the stop button dawn as far as it will the and then press it even harder.   it will go down further.   As you continue to push the stop button down, you will se the pawl arms pull down .   The will finally lock into the ratchet on the thermal unit and stay pulled down.  When you release the stop button it should stay in.   At this point you can push the start button and it should stay in, the main contacts will close, and the motor will run.
See attached file.

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