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Insufficient SQL Server Role to open Database Manager

Upon opening Database Manager the following error pops up:

          <Domain user> cannot open the Database Manager. To open the Database Mananger a user must be a member of the SQL sysadmin server role.

note: To protect the identity of the actual domain user, the images have been modified.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

Database Manager
SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Insufficient server role by the login (the user who is opening the application).
The login needs to have 'sysadmin' role in SSMS.

Important: Eventhough it appears the user has sysadmin role (the checkbox is checked), running the query IS_SRVROLEMEMBER shows he does not (returned value is '0'). This could be due to domain account having a restricted priviledge (in this case).


Important: The problem appears to be the domain accounts having restricted privilege. In fact when the IS_SRVROLEMEMBER function was run for each of the domain accounts, all returned a '0'.

*Warning: This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio.*

The work around is to create a local administrator account/user on the server (it should belong to Administrators group). For simplicity use the 'Administrator' user.
The same 'Administrator' user should be added to SSMS with sysadmin role. This should be done by DBA or an expert with SQL Server Management Studio (adding a user is not the scope of this article).
Now Database Manager will open successfully.
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