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How to Set up Accutech BR21 base radio with Aout/Switch Module

Accutech BR21 with AOUT/Switch Module set up

1.Connect the USB to RS485 Converter to the USB computer port.
2.Connect the 2 wire RS485 connector to the A+ and B- terminal of the BR21 Base radio.
3.Set the Dip switch 3 to RS485.
4.Apply power to the BR21 Base radio.
5.Connect the 2 wire RS485 green connector to the + - A B terminal of the Aout/Switch Module.
6.Apply power to the Aout/Switch Module using the bottom terminal.
7.Open Device manager, select Ports (COM & LPT) to verify the power created on the USB to RS485 Converter .
8.Open Accutech Manager. Use User: admin and Password: password. Hit connect.
9.At the bottom right corner of the computer screen, right click on the RF Manager service.
10.Select Options.
11.Enter the selected USB to RS485 Converter serial port.
12.Right click on the RF Manager service.
13.Then Restart the server.
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