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Can we copy the program from ATV61 to an ATV71 using the 61's keypad?

Issue : 
Can we copy the program from ATV61 to an ATV71 (or from an ATV71 to an ATV61) using the VW3A1101 keypad?

Product Line :
Altivar Drives

Environment :

Cause :
Replacing an ATV61 with an ATV71 and wanted to copy the program

Resolution : 
You can not directly transfer a program from one series drive (ATV61) to a different series (ATV71). 
The parameters and basic settings may be the same, but there are differences in the memory map that will not allow this.
The easiest way to do this is use SoMove to display the ATV61 program.  Open a second instance of SoMove and create a new project for the ATV71.
Then manually enter the settings in the ATV71 program.
Copying from drive to drive using the keypad or SoMove can only be done within the same product family.

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