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What is the replacement for overload 31161-1841-50? Will the 9065SF520 work in it's place ? What overload will work ?

What is the replacement for the overload block , 31161-1841-50 , for Nema size 5 starter ? 

Product Line:
8536S Starters




The 31161-1841-50 part number identifies only a solid state overload relay, and does NOT include the wiring harness, which is also required for this overload block.
The part number is found on the solid state overload relay used on a Class 8536 Type SG (Size 5) Series B starter.

When replacing a solid state overload relay for the above mentioned starter, order a Class 9065 Type ST520 overload Block. This part number includes the solid state overload relay (90-270A range, Class 10/20 selectable trip time) and the wiring harness. The wiring harness consists of 4 passes of wire looped thru each current transformer hole which are neatly dressed with plastic wire ties.


Part number 31161-184-50 does NOT include the current transformer, wiring harness or terminal block assemblies.

Class 9065 Type ST520 does NOT include the current transformer or terminal block assemblies.

Part Status:

31161-184-50 is a restricted part number - order Class 9065 Type ST520 for overload and harness 
The 9065SF5290 overload block is for Series A Nema sz 5 starters with individually mounted overload blocks, which takes the DD heaters .

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