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How to wire a low voltage transformer with the voltage code of S7F, regardless of the KVA rating of the transformer?

How to connect a transformer type S7F voltage code for primary and secondary single phase applications? Where is the neutral?

Product Line:

Epoxy transformers
Resin filled transformers

Connections depend on your application.

Connect 208V to H1 and H2.

For 120/240 Volt 3-wire: Connect X2 and X3 together and bond to ground per the NEC code. 240V outputs are X1 and X4, neutral is the X2/X3 connection
For 120 Volt 2-wire: Connect X2 and X4 together and bond to ground per the NEC code. Connect X1 and X3 together. 120V hot line is the X1/ X3 connection, and neutral is the X2/X4 connection
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