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What Syslog Server can be used with Unity Pro?

Goals and Symptoms
This resolution clarifies the minimum requirements of a Syslog Server to be used with Unity Pro. 

Facts and Change

Unity Pro v13, v12

Causes and Fixes
Unity Pro Syslog is based on RFC 5424 (Transport Mapping for Syslog) and it defines the strucuture of the message created by the software but some of the available Syslog Server doesn't have the option to use RFC 5424 processing. So these servers will show a message that is not clear for the user as you can see below:

We recommend use the WinSyslog as the server or any other Syslog Server that has the features to configure the listener and messages as highlited in yelllow on the pictures below using the RFC 5424 processing.

After configure this option on your Syslog server, the messages will show as below and you can see that it is easier to understand the log message. 
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