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What is the calibration tool for a TK-1001 Thermostat?

What does the TOOL-095-1 consists of?

Product Line: 
HVAC / Field Devices

Actuator / Thermostat

Calibration / Replacement / Maintenance


The calibration tool for the TK-1001 is part number TOOL-082. This is a combination 5/64" Allen Wrench, for Branch Test Port on Pneumatic Thermostats and Locking Cover Screws.
The other end of the Tool consists of a 0.048" , 6-spline Wrench for the Thermostat Calibration.

This can be purchased separately or within the calibration kit TOOL-095-1.

TOOL-095-1 consists of:
MCS-GA, N2-4, Female Branch Tee, TOOL-11, TOOL-78, TOOL-80, TOOL-82, TOOL-83, TOOL-87, TOOL-110,
AL-362 Air Line Tubing For Barbed Fitting, Air Line Tubing With Compression Fitting, 3/16 x 4" Blade Screwdriver
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