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What are the components of the XACA47131 pendant station?

Customer wants to order the replacement parts for this so the customer can build their own unit.

Product line:
XAC pendant station


Assembled part is obsolete.

XACA47131 consists of the following components:

XACA06H7 - 6 hole enclosure
ZB2BE101 - NO contacts (x4)
XENT1192 - E-stop contact block
ZA2BS54 - E-stop button
XACA9411 - white operators (x2)
XACA9412 - black operator (x2)
ZB2BY4903 - raise arrow legend
ZB2BY2906 - lower arrow legend
ZB2BY4909 - right arrow legend
ZB2BY2912 - left arrow legend
ZB2BY2931 - stop legend
ZB2SZ3 - blank plug

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