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How do I order a 9003K2 custom cam switch?

Customer wants to order a cam switch with custom contact configuration.

Product line:
9003K2 K2 CAM switch


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9003K2 custom built cam switches are ordered by a part number based on the number of contacts on the cam switch keysheet.  These parts are system recognized. 
NOTE:  A Completed keysheet must be submitted with the order in order to process it.

Part number  # of contacts
9003K2A          1
9003K2B          2
9003K2C          3
9003K2D          4
9003K2E          5
9003K2F          6
9003K2G          7
9003K2H          8
9003K2I            9
9003K2K          10
9003K2L           11
9003K2M          12
9003K2N          13
9003K2O          14
9003K2P          15
9003K2Q          16
9003K2R          17
9003K2S          18
9003K2T          19
9003K2U          20
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