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"Invalid security access for RMP" error in offline mode of ION Setup.

When trying to add firmware to a meter in the offline mode of ION Setup an error appears stating, "Invalid security access for RMP."

Product Line 
ION Setup 3.0

ION Setup Offline Mode

Customer may want to send an offline meter new firmware templates. 

Software engineers are currently working on this issue. The following is a workaround. 

1. Connect to the offline meter in ION Setup
2. Open Setup Assistant and select Template 
3. Select the "Send to Meter" tab
4. Hold down <Alt> key.
5. While holding down <Alt> key, left-click Send.
6. The following dialog should appear. 

7. Click on Yes to proceed. 
8. Select the firmware and template to load onto the meter

This will be slightly slower than a normal template paste, but hardly noticeable. 
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