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What are the Replacement Pushbuttons and Contacts for the 9001BW pendant Stations?

9001BW pendant stations may have broken or defective push button or contacts that will need replacement

Product Line:
Pendant Stations

Type BW Pendant Stations

The replacement interior includes the contacts and buttons, and some also includes inserts. The contacts and buttons not replaceable as separate components. 
Pendant Station Replacement interior Legend Insert Type of Contact
9001BW92Y / 9001BW92B / 9001BW92R 9001BOC368 Up-Down Momentary
9001BW93Y / 9001BW93B / 9001BW93R 9001BOC368 Forward-Reverse Momentary
9001BW94Y / 9001BW94B / 9001BW94R 9001BOC358 On-Off Maintained
9001BW95Y / 9001BW95B / 9001BW95R 9001BOC359 Start-Stop Momentary
9001BW96Y / 9001BW96B / 9001BW96R 9001BOC358 Start-Stop Maintained
9001BW97Y / 9001BW97B / 9001BW97R 9001BOC359 On-Off Maintained
9001BW98Y / 9001BW98B none Up-Down Momentary
9007BW90YU / 9007BW90BU / 9007BW90RU 9001BOC366 none Momentary
9007BW91YU / 9007BW91BU / 9007BW91RU 9001BOC359 none Momentary
9007BW94YU / 9007BW94BU / 9007BW94RU 9001BOC358 none Maintained
9001BW100YU / 9001BW100BU / 9001BW100RU 9001BOC367 none Momentary
9001BW102Y / 9001BW102B / 9001BW102R 9001BOC367 Up-Down Momentary
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