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How Do I Disable Arc Fault Detection on the Conext CL60?

Where in the menu system is the end user or installer able to disable to AFD feature of the Conext CL60?

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Conext CL60

This should only be done in a jurisdiction where the utility does not require Arc Fault Detection on an inverter of this type/size.

At the "Set-param" menu, enter the password "091030".  This will allow for an additional menu called "Advanced Settings".  In the "Advanced Settings" menu, enter the "AFD" menu.  From there, it is possible to disable the AFD feature.  When this happens, the unit will give a 089 warning and the green LED will be blinking.  This will be the norm.  The CL60 will still produce at full power.

The steps are not outlined in the documentation included with the Conext CL60.  In some situations, it may be beneficial to have Arc Fault Detection disabled.  As a reminder, this should only be done in jurisdictions where the utility does not require Arc Fault Detection.
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