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What is the difference between the 9013GHG2J26 and 9013GHG3J26

Is there a difference between a 9013GHG2 and a 9013GHG3?

Product Line:
Type G Pressure Switch

Commercial Pressure Switches

The 9013GHG1, 9013GHG2 and 9013GHG3. All of these have the same cut-in range (40-170 psig), cut-out range (65-200 psig), 2 poles and the approximate adjustable differential (20-40 psig). The difference is the pressure connection. 9013GHG1 has a 1/8" NPSF internal, 9013GHG2 has a 1/4" NPSF internal and the 9013GHG3 has a 3/8" NPSF internal.

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