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Current Consumption of ABL8RPS power supplies

What is the current consumption of the ABL8RPS power supplies? 

Product Line:
Phaseo Power Supply - GIC Product

US Product

Product Selection

Find below the rated values at nominal load stated on the product labels:
ABL8 RPS24030
C-LV: 100 - 120Vac, 1,6A
C-HV: 200 - 500Vac, 0,8A

ABL8 RPS24050
C-LV: 100 - 120Vac, 2,6A
C-HV: 200 - 500Vac, 1,4A

ABL8 RPS24100
C-LV: 100 - 120Vac, 5A
C-HV: 200 - 500Vac, 2,5A
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