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What are the standard pressure codes for Class 9013 Type FHG pressure switches?

What are the Pressure setting or J Codes for 9013 pressure switch ?
Product Line:
Class 9013 Type FHG—Pumptrol Compressor Pressure Switch

Commercial Pressure Switches
Below are the standard Pressure Code (fixed differential) for Class 9013 Type FHG pressure switches.
Off at...  Code
80 psi  J43
100 psi  J27
110 psi  J37
115 psi  J38
120 psi  J69
125 psi  J52
135 psi  J39
140 psi  J68
155 psi  J40
150 psi  J55
175 psi  J59
Specify other pressure J99
(minimum order quantity is 4 pieces) J99
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