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What is does form S5 mean on an 8536SFO1S5?

On the Class 8536 Starters, is form S5 valid?
Product Line:
Full Voltage NEMA Starters
Class 8536 NEMA Starters
This is a special Class 8536 Type SFO1 starter which was developed for use in various controllers.  It was developed primarily for inter-plant use only.  
Form S5 Special Features:
  1. 1NO (9999SX6) mounted on upper left hand side of starter.
  2. No control wiring supplied with starter.
  3. No Hp ratings on nameplate.
  4. No control or power terminal markings on nameplate of starter.
A standard starter is recommended as a replacement.
Order with Form S as a standard, open style, three phase starter with appropriate coil voltage.
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