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What is the replacement DC coil for the 8501XD, 8501XDL, and 8501XUD relays

DC coil for the 8501 relay needs to be replaced

Product Line:
Industrial Relays

NEMA Style DC Relays

Please see list below and check first if the part number is still active as some may already be obsolete.
Voltage 8501XD 8501XDL 8501XUD 
6 VDC 9998XD19 9998XDL19 9998XUD19
12 VDC 9998XD28 9998XDL28 9998XUD28
18 VDC 9998XD34 9998XDL34B -
24 VDC 9998XD37 9998XDL37B 9998XUD37
32 VDC 9998XD40 9998XDL40B -
48 VDC 9998XD46 9998XDL46B 9998XUD46
64 VDC 9998XD49 9998XDL49B -
72 VDC 9998XD52 9998XDL52B -
90 VDC 9998XD55 9998XDL55B -
115/125 VDC 9998XD58 9998XDL58B 9998XUD (125VDC)
230/250 VDC 9998XD67 9998XDL67B 9998XUD67
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