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What would be a good replacement drive for the ATV58?

What would be a good replacement drive for the ATV58?

Product Line:
Altivar 58


ATV58 needs replacement or update to a currently-offered product

To answer this question, first we need to consider more detail about your application of the ATV58:

1. Is the ATV58 is mounted in an enclosure.? If so, our recommendation is to replace the entire enclosure rather than replacing just the drive. 
Enclosures are built around a specific drive. Replacing the drive with a different model could cause issues with fit, heat dissipation, wiring, etc.
2. Is the ATV58 being used in a variable torque or constant torque application? The ATV58 could be used in either type of application.

3. Are there any communications being used with the ATV58? A more currently-offered drive may not be able to handle all communication protocols.
For example: The ATV71 cannot work with BACnet, Apogee, or LonWorks communications 

Please note: DPSG can only provide suggestions based solely on horsepower and voltage rating. Your local distributor and Product Application Engineer should be consulted for replacement fitment in your specific application. 

General drive models that would replace the ATV58 would include: 

ATV71 -   Constant torque applications. (Please keep in mind that the ATV71's will be obsoleted sometime in the next few years) 

ATV630 - Process drive for variable torque applications (pumps, fans) 

ATV930 - Process drive for constant torque applications (conveyors) 
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