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Can additional contact block be added on the Cover-Mounted Hand-Off Auto Switch on a NEMA FV Starters and Contactors?

What is the additional contact block part number for HOA kit 9999SC2 and 9999SC9

Product Line:
Full Voltage NEMA Starters and Contactors

Class 8502 & 8536, 8538, 8539, 8702, 8736, 8903(Electrically Held)

For the cover-mounted control unit kit 9999SC2 which is a rectangular Hand Off Auto selector switch, additional contact blocks CANNOT BE ADDED. On the other hand, for the NEMA 4/4X Kit 9999SC9 which uses a 9001 SKS43B - 3 position selector switch, a  9001KA1 - Contact block CAN BE ADDED.
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