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How do I split bits from a word to digital points?


The example below is intended to demonstrate one or more features or methods and is presented as a configuration example only. Schneider Electric assumes no liability for the use or application of this example or any portion thereof.

Sometimes it is necessary to extract the bits from a word and split those to individual digital points. One way of doing this is by a logic program.
In this example, we will use a structured text library containing a function (Word2Bits) that uses "AND" operators to extract the bits from a word (16 bits). The structured text library is attached to this article and we will show how to import and use it in a function block diagram (FBD) logic program in ClearSCADA.

After we download the attached .ZIP file and extract "Structured Text Library containing the Word_2_Bits function example.SDE", we can import the .SDE to ClearSCADA 2015 R1 or newer. On the following screen capture, we imported the .SDE file to a folder called "Example":

As you can see, the input is an unsigned integer and the outputs will be booleans. Feel free to check the code in ViewX.

In order to use the function, we will create a FBD logic program and link the library to it:

Now we have the function available for use (right-clicking on the programming area):

Now we can link the input and outputs as required.
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