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What is the torque requirement for cable, busbar, and compression lug connection for the Powerpact L frame breaker?

What is the torque requrement for the Powerpact L frame breaker lug wire binding screw, lug mounting screw, busbar connection, and compression lug?

Product Line:
Circuit breakers

Powerpact L

Torque requirements are as follows:
Lug wire binding screw for lug kits AL400L61K3, AL600LS52K3, CU600LS52K3, AL600LF52K3, CU600LF52K3:  442 lb.-in. or 50 N-m.
Lug wire binding screw for CU400L61K3:   31 N-m or 275 lb.-in.
Lug mounting screw:  327 lb-in (37 N•m)
Rear Connectors:  177 lb.-in (20 N-m)
Busbar:  442 lb-in / lbs-in. (50 N•m)
Compression lug:  442 lb-in. (50 N•m)
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