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What are the catalog number of the field installable Shunt trips for PA, PC, PE and PX breakers?

What is the part number for a shunt trip accessory for a PA, PC, PE or PX breaker?
Product Line:
Circuit breaker

PA, PC, PE and PX circuit breakers, series 4 or higher

The following list are the catalog numbers for shunt trip kits for series 4 and higher PA, PC, PE and PX breakers. Note that some or all of these may be obsolete.
PA11042 (24 Vac)
PA11021 (120 - 240 Vac)
PA11037 (277 Vac)
PA11027 (24 Vdc)
PA11028 (48 Vdc)
PA11029 (125 Vdc)
PA11030 (250 Vdc)
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