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How does a panel interior mount in an MH-D9 Enclosure? This applies to 600A MB interiors for NQ and NF panels.

Which end of an MH74D9 enclosure does the  interior correctly line up with? The mounting studs in the *D9 box are not symmetrical as a standard 5.75" deep box.

Product Line:
Panelboard Enclosures

NQ and NF

How to mount the NF or NQ 600A or larger MB interior on a MH-D9 type of enclosure.

The end with the two brackets is the main breaker/main lug end. 
For installation of PPL interiors, the elevating brackets or studs must be removed.  If this is not done, the interior cannot be installed.  Remove the elevating brackets per the attached
drawing.  If the stud is welded to the bracket, the stud can be ground off.
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