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Conext CL Firmware upgrade

How do I perform a firmware upgrade on Conext CL inverters?

Product Line:
Conext CL PV inverters

Conext PV inverters with outdated firmware

New firmware release

Instructions also found on the Owner's Manual (

1. Ensure to delete older firmware versions stored in the USB.
2. Copy the latest firmware into the USB flash drive that will be used to load the
firmware to the inverter. The latest version of firmware can be downloaded from
3. Open the wiring box cover.
4. Ensure both AC and Sufficient PV input (>300V) is available to power up control
circuit of the inverter.
5. Connect the USB drive to the USB device socket. The inverter display will now ask
for user confirmation to start the upgrade process.
6. Press the OK button. The inverter now starts upgrading the new firmware available in
the USB drive. The upgrade process will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes.
After completing the upgrade process, the inverter will restart.
• The user confirmation window will be active only for few seconds.
• If the OK button is not pressed, ‘NO REQUEST RECEIVED’ appears and the system
returns to the home screen.
7. Under ‘Inverter Info’ menu verify the firmware version number in the display with
the latest firmware version number. If it matches, follow step 10 or else step 9.
8. If COMM APPL version displayed is not matching then repeat the step 2 and after
firmware upgrade step is completed make sure the version matches.
9. Check the CTRL DCAC, CTRL DCDC are matches with firmware version if not go
to LCD menu (Home-> Maintenance Menu) select Update Control SW.
10. On successful completion of the upgrade process, unplug the USB drive.
11. Close the cover of the wiring box properly.
12. In case of any event or failure in the upgrade process, contact Schneider Electric
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