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Can a transformer with the voltage code T6H, regardless of the KVA rating, be wired to get 208V on the secondary output?

Can a transformer with the T6H voltage code (480V - 240V) be wired using the taps to obtain 208V on the output?

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Low Voltage Transformers

EE15T6H, EE30T6H, EE45T6H, EE75T6H, EE112T6H, EE150T6H, EE225T6H, EE300T6H, EX15T6H, EX30T6H, EX45T6H, EX75T6H, EX112T6H, EX150T6H, EX225T6H, EX300T6H,

Wiring a transformer outside the intended use.

No. The largest tap on the T6H transformers is 504V. If you connect 480V incoming to Primary tap #1 (504V) it will drop the output voltage from Secondary phase to phase from 240V down to about 228V.  It is not possible to drop the 240V  lower than that, because you are out of "Higher Voltage Taps".
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