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What was FHP3601513MG?

What does suffix "MG" stand for on a FHP3601513M breaker?

Product Line: 
Circuit breakers

Mag-Gard breakers, also pertaining to FHP3600311MG, FHP3600712MG, FHP3603015MG, FHP3605016MG FHP3610018MG, FAP3600311MG, FAP3600712MG, FAP3601513MG, FAP3603015MG, FAP3605016MG FAP3610018MG, 
FHL3600311MG, FHL3600712MG, FHL3603015MG, FHL3605016MG FHL3610018MG, ​FAL3600311MG, FAL3600712MG, FAL3601513MG, FAL3603015MG, FAL3605016MG FAL3610018MG,

"M" indicates Mag-Gard, "G" indicates ground fault shunt trip. 

NOTE: Typically breakers with "G" suffix were used in conjunction with add on ground fault module.  This breaker along with all Mag-Gard breakers are obsolete with no direct replacement.  Customer may consider Powerpact H MCP such as HGL36030M71 with 12Vdc Shunt trip (S29382) and GFM150HD, add on ground fault modules for new applications.
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