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What are the Flexible Cable Mechanism disconnect for Powerpact B, D, H, J, L, M and P Frame Breakers?

What are the Flexible Cable Mechanism for Powerpact Breakers?

Product Line:
Operating Mechanisms for Circuit Breakers
Powerpact Circuit Breaker

Flexible Cable Mechanisms
Dual Cable Operating Mechanism
Powerpact B, Powerpact D
Powerpact H, Powerpact J
Powerpact L, Powerpact M
Powerpact P, Merlin Gerin

For selecting a 9422 Flexible Cable Mechanism, choose a single or dual cable mechanism from the below tables.
Then you must select a handle mechanism separately from the bottom table. 

Single Flexible Cable Mechanism Selection:

Dual Cable Operating Mechanism Selection​:

You must select a 9422A* handle to complete the operating mechanism. Order a Handle Mechanism from below Table:

[9] Must use 9422AP1 or 9422AP2 Handle with this operating mechanism
[11] Use with 30–200 A 9422 switches and all circuit breaker mechanisms.
[12] Use only with 9422 RM1, 9422 CMP and PowerPact M and P operating mechanisms.
[13] Use with Type D2 remote or dual adapter kit.
[14] Use only with 400 A 9422TG1 and 9422TG2 disconnect switch.
[15] Adjustable depth.
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