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What could cause the inverter to wake up late?

The inverter would wake up later compared to others unit on site.
Product Line:
GTxxx and PV xxx series
The array voltage is too low; contactor not closing

Check to see if the array voltage report on the display is sufficient. That mean it was at least 20-30 volts higher than the PV V Start value on the display. You can check this by press the Menu button then the enter button. It will ask you for password so key in 594 and press enter one more time. Press the up-arrow button until you see the PV V Start. Shutdown the inverter then starts it up again. Listen to see if both DC and AC contactors closed. The DC contactor will be closed first than followed by the AC contactor after the 5 minutes countdown. Call into 866-519-1470 option 3 & 3 if either one of the contactor not closed.
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