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What is the part number for replacement or an add on branch breaker rated 15A - 1200A for a QED 2 or Powerstyle switchboard?

How do you add or replace branch breakers to Powerstyle and QED type switchboards?

Product Line:

Powerstyle and QED

1. There is a label on the switchboard that advises what breakers can be installed in the I-line sections of the switchboards. In some cases the breakers listed will be obsolete and will need to be crossed over to a current style breaker. If you know the part number of the existing breaker and it is obsolete, use our cross reference tool to cross the breaker. Also, it is up to the installer to verify AIC ratings, trip ratings, and trip characteristics before ordering breakers.

2. Obsolete breakers are:
FA/FH/ and FC - all take 4.5" of mounting space. 
KA/KH/ and KC - all take 4.5" of mounting space.  
LA/LH take 6" of mounting space 
LC takes 7.5" of mounting space 
MA/MH/MX/ME  all take 9" of mounting space
NA/NH/NC/PA/PH/PC/PX/PE all take 15" of mounting space

3. Please see the attachment that shows the various distribution configurations and limitations for what size breakers can be used based on the width, depth, and i-line bus configurations to determine if you can fit the required ampere and frame rating of the breaker to be added or replaced.

4. If you are not sure or need additional information or assistance, Please refer to FA236796 and provide the information required.
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