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Is there an enclosure available for Powerpact H frame breakers with ELM150HD earth leakage modules?

Is there a suggested enclosure size for breakers with ELM150HD, earth leakage module?

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Circuit Breaker

 Earth Leakage ground fault module for Powerpact H frame breakers 

No, we do not offer an enclosure that would accept Powerpact H frame breaker with an ELM150HD.  However the instruction bulletin, 48041-089-01, list recommend minimum size for customer sourced enclosures.
Minimum recommended size for standard 80% rated breakers would be 18.13 in. H x 8.63 in. W x 4.13 in. D, for 100% rated breakers, 62 in. H x  22 in. W x  14 in. D

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