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Video: How to setup a ramp switching functionality on an ATV320 drive?

Configuring Ramp Switching on Altivar 320 Drives

Product Line:
Altivar 320


This functionality is useful for when you are trying to have different acceleration and deceleration time based upon a certain factor such as a logic input going high or a frequency threshold.
This is programmable under CONF, FULL, FUN-, RPT-.
RPS is the ramp switching assignment that can be programmed as;
no, Di1 through DI6, along with integrated communications.
You also have parameters AC2 (Acceleration 2) and DE2 (Deceleration 2).  
These values are the time in seconds for which you will be decelerating or accelerating based upon that command being active above.

The other way to switch over is to use a frequency threshold FRT (Ramp 2 threshold).  You can program this from anywhere 0-599 hz.  Once this frequency is passed in ramp up or down time it will trigger the secondary ramp up or down times as listed above.

Keep in mind that the first ACC and DEC times are shown under the SET menu (settings).  

Note that if RPS is assigned and is at a logic state high, it will override the Ramp 2 Threshold setting (FRT) and will force the acceleration and deceleration time to AC2 and DE2, regardless of the motor speed.

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