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Is there an EZ Selector for circuit breakers?

Select a circuit breaker using the EZ-Selector

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breakers - Powerpact B, H, J, L Frame - Unit Mount and I-line
Miniature Circuit Breakers - QO, QOB, HOM 
Multi9  Circuit Breakers - C60CP, C60BP, GFP UL1053, C60H-DC

Yes, an EZ Selector is available for the above circuit breakers types.
Click this link, and click "Circuit Breakers". When the breaker selector opens, under "select product subset" select the breaker type that you need.

If the EZ Selector does not include the particular breaker you need, then contact your local authorized electrical distributor or retailer for assistance.

IMPORTANT: Always start at the TOP of the selector, and proceed downward in the order shown. Do not skip around.
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